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Every criminal case is different. After thousands of convictions, prosecutors have developed effective strategies that lead to repeat convictions. Even against people who didn't break the law! Attorney Jevon Jaconi knows these strategies very well. As a former prosecutor in Kewaunee county, Attorney Jaconi employed the same strategies.

Now as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Jaconi has very effective strategies to defeat prosecutor's arguments. Only a former prosecutor knows how to use these strategies effectively. Attorney Jaconi repeatedly uses these strategies to successfully defend his clients.

Attorney Jaconi is well known by prosecutors in local courts as an aggressive defense attorney who puts the defense of his clients first. Attorney Jaconi is very effective in the courtroom, but Mr. Jaconi is also very effective outside of the courtroom. Often decisions to dismiss cases and to drastically lower penalties take place not in front of a judge or jury, but in the offices at the courthouse. 

When you hire attorney Jaconi, you hire an experienced defense attorney who: 

  • Puts his clients first, always.

  • Knows strategies prosecutors will use to obtain a conviction against his clients. 

  • Knows how to defeat strategies used by prosecutors against his clients. 

  • Treats his clients with respect and dignity they deserve. 


Don't let police and state prosecutors make you feel like a "second-class citizen". You have constitutional rights! Attorney Jaconi knows how to protect your rights.

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