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Criminal Attorney Jevon Jaconi:

What you need to know about OWI and DUI

Attorney Jevon Jaconi DUI OWI Drunk Driv

Drunk Driving offenses are the most common offenses in Wisconsin. On top of that Green Bay and surrounding area is “The heaviest drinking metro area in the heaviest drinking state”.


What’s the best way to avoid drunk driving charge? Don’t drink and drive!

We are all human and we make mistakes. Don’t let a mistake ruin your life. You have options!

OWI: Challenges

Honestly, most experienced and connected attorneys will tell you how incredibly difficult it is to beat drunk driving charges. Persecution has very little to do in order to prove a drunk driving conviction. However, difficult does not mean impossible.

OWI Defense Attorney Jevon Jaconi has a proven track record of effectively defending his clients in OWI charges. Attorney Jaconi is a former District Attorney and an experienced prosecutor. Mr. Jaconi knows what prosecutors will do to obtain an OWI conviction and he knows strategies to beat the prosecution in their own game.

OWI: First Offense

Just one drunk driving conviction will be on your record forever. It will follow everywhere you go in the United States and some countries will not let you enter with an OWI conviction on your record. Just one offense can have devastating effect on your life.

If this is your first OWI offense, you can be sure it will be very expensive. Ticket, surcharges, court costs, increased insurance premium are just some of the real expenses you will have to pay.

Then there are the unmeasurable expenses. Your future employers will know about this offense and will possibly dismiss you as a candidate for a job. With a drunk driving conviction, employers can throw away your application with no legal consequences. Remember, your drunk driving conviction will be on your record permanently and will be available to anyone.

If you commit a second OWI offense, the penalties for the conviction increase exponentially!

OWI: Repeaters

If you have been charged and convicted of more than one drunk driving offense expect unimaginable costs:

  • Suspended driver’s license for at least a year.

  • Jail, or even prison time.

  • Incredibly high fines. Think in thousands of dollars!

  • The list goes on and on.

OWI: What You Need to Do Now

Your best course of action for a repeated drunk driving offense is to find and hire the best OWI Defense Attorney. OWI laws are very technical and complex. Matters surrounding the initial police contact can also be questioned. There are many strategies OWI Defense Attorney Jevon Jaconi has in his “toolbox” to defend you. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate with hiring an OWI Defense Attorney. Legal fees spent on an experienced OWI Defense Attorney are fractional compared to the costs you will incur if you are convicted.

Attorney Jaconi can conduct a very fast and free review of your situation with no obligation. Do not hesitate. Years of your freedom may be at stake.

For further review of the complexities surrounding DUI/OWI/PAC offenses, WI DOT provides a much more in-depth list of penalties.

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