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Criminal Attorney Jevon Jaconi:
What you need to know about Domestic Battery
and Domestic Violence
Attorney Jevon Jaconi Brown County Court

Wisconsin treats accusations and charges of Domestic Violence very seriously. It is not uncommon for the prosecution to change a charge of a minor disturbance into a criminal conviction that will result in time behind bars, huge fines, and years on probation.

Furthermore, in Wisconsin, even the first charge of Domestic Violence can carry severe punishments. Do not expect for the prosecutor to treat you any less harshly if the alleged victim states that no violence took place.

The best thing you can do, is to immediately hire an experienced Domestic Violence Defense Attorney who understands this unfair discrimination by police and criminal prosecutors. As a former District Attorney, Mr. Jaconi understands what prosecutors will do to convict you.

Domestic Violence: Police Actions

Police can charge you with Domestic Abuse basically for doing anything that even remotely resembles an argument with your domestic partner. An accusation by angry girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse can ruin your life, even if they later confess their accusation is a lie. [968.075]

A police officer can charge you with Domestic Abuse just if they “believe” domestic abuse is “likely”. [968.075]

Domestic Violence: Repeat Offenses

If you or a person you care about had been previously convicted for Domestic Violence just once, they could be facing significantly higher penalties. Their time on probation is almost guaranteed and they will likely face jail time.

In cases where an individual was charged with domestic abuse more than once in ten years, a jail or even prison time is guaranteed and probation or parole will certainly take place. 

Do not be misled, police and prosecutors will be very harsh with you regardless of your gender! 

What You Need To Do Now

Only an experienced Domestic Abuse Defense Attorney, such as Jevon Jaconi, can get you favorable outcome in court.

Attorney Jaconi you can conduct a very fast and free review of your situation with no obligation. Do not hesitate. Years of your freedom may be at stake.

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