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Criminal Attorney Jevon Jaconi:

What you need to know about Burglary

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In Wisconsin, as in many states, Burglary is a serious crime. If you or people you care about have been charged with Burglary, you need to contact Burglary Expert Attorney Jevon Jaconi.

Burglary Carries Following Punishments

Burglary carries following punishments [939.51] [939.50]

  • Class A misdemeanor, punishable by: a fine of $10,000 and possibly imprisonment of 9 months.

  • Class F felony, punishable by: a fine of $25,000 and/or imprisonment of 12 years and 6 months.

  • Class E felony, punishable by: a fine of $50,000 and/or imprisonment of 15 years.

Burglary: Condition for Conviction

To be convicted of a burglary, prosecution must prove many variables involved in the charge. However, often prosecutor don't need to prove anything. They will threaten charged individuals with severe punishments and will offer plea agreements that carry a lesser punishment. Nonetheless, such plea agreements can be devastating to individual's life. Chances of dismissing the charge or receiving a much more favorable plea agreement increase when you are represented by an experienced Burglary Defense Attorney Jevon Jaconi.

Burglary: Circumstances

In many cases burglary charges result from simple misunderstanding of your action by the police! You may be helping your friend get into their car after they locked their keys inside. In other cases, you may be charged because you had in your possession a tool you recently purchased, such as bolt cutters. 

In other cases, police officers may think you are in possession of stolen items. When, in fact, you acquired those items legally. 

Sometimes, business owners, while attempting to commit insurance fraud, may report burglary of their place of business. Some will go as far as claiming you assaulted them. In which cases the burglary charge will become an aggravated burglary and carry a much more serious punishment. 

Only an experienced attorney who truly understands your unique situation can build an effective defense strategy. Experienced Burglary Attorney Jevon Jaconi can review your case for free and provide you with guidance for what to do next.

Because attorney Jaconi understands what prosecutors will do to find you guilty, he can mount an aggressive defense strategy!

What You Need To Do Now

If you or people you care about are charged with burglary, you need an experienced burglary attorney as soon as possible. Ideally, you need to have an experienced attorney representing you at the first hearing.

Attorney Jaconi you can conduct a very fast and free review of your situation with no obligation. Do not hesitate. Years of your freedom may be at stake.

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